NJ teen sues parents for support. Call me cynical, but I sense this is really a battle of the dads….

An 18 year old NJ teenager is suing her parents for kicking her out and not paying her tuition.

The issues apparently revolve around Rachel Canning’s choice of friends and boyfriend, and her adherence to the rules at home. Smells like typical teen spirit to me. What makes this story titillating, though, is that she’s suing her parents for child support. Using the long arm of the law against your parents – the dream of rebellious teenagers everywhere. But is she right in doing so? Is Rachel Canning an unemancipated minor who should still be supported by her parents, or a selfish, entitled child?

For the moment, a judge has ruled against her petition for support. but has scheduled a hearing in April to decide whether she was “constructively abandoned“ or emancipated herself.

You know what? That’s all beside the point. My spidey sense tells me this just might be a battle of the dads.

Meet Sean Canning, father of Rachel. He has been the Business Administrator for Mount Olive Township, NJ since 2012. Sean previously worked both as Business Administrator and Chief of Police in Lincoln Park. He has demonstrated skills in the past at streamlining budgets, improving management controls, and cleaning up after corruption.

Meet John Inglesino, attorney and father of Jaime, Rachel’s friend. John is hosting her in his house and bankrolling her suit against her parents. From his firm’s website:

John P. Inglesino is the Managing Partner, and a founding partner, of Inglesino, Wyciskala & Taylor, LLC. Mr. Inglesino concentrates his practice in the areas of government law, where he represents municipalities, counties and state agencies; land use/redevelopment and real estate, where he represents private sector clients; and governmental affairs. …

Mr. Inglesino has over twenty years of experience representing many of New Jersey’s largest developers. Mr. Inglesino regularly appears before planning boards, zoning boards and other governmental entities on behalf of his clients. Mr. Inglesino guides his clients through the cumbersome approval process that exists in New Jersey. He is well versed in New Jersey’s redevelopment law and counsels his clients regarding the legal and practical aspects of the redevelopment process. …

For example, John has represented MTO Realty Partners before the Mount Olive Township Planning Board. MTO Realty owns Morris Crossroads Corporate Campus. the one-million-square-foot former BASF headquarters site located in the International Trade Center, which is designated by the state of New Jersey as a Foreign Trade Zone. You can read about the business benefits of being in a NJFTZ here.

In addition to the practice of law, Mr. Inglesino devotes a portion of his time to Impact NJ, LLC, where he is “of counsel”. Mr. Inglesino works as a registered governmental affairs agent. He represents clients before various State agencies and departments, assisting them to achieve desired results. …

He serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of the New Jersey Public Broadcast Authority, having been appointed by Governor Chris Christie. He also serves on Governor Christie’s School Funding Task Force. …

Mr. Inglesino earned his J.D. from Seton Hall University School of Law in 1990.

Not included on the website is the fact that he is the attorney for Parsippany Township, but apparently doesn’t want to let the township council see what he’s been doing for them, calling it privileged information. His contract with the township expired at the beginning of the year, though he has been continuing in the attorney role while the contract remains pending.

Somehow, I think this story is going to end up being about more than just raising teenagers. This will prove to be a story worth watching.

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